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Tim Carlisle, DTM Candidate for District 4 Director

Tim Carlisle will fight to make your Toastmasters experience exceptional!

Why I’m running

Toastmasters is the rare organization that can claim it’s for almost everyone. Across the globe, people from all backgrounds join to develop, advance and refine their public speaking talent, communication skills and leadership abilities. For you to get the most out of your Toastmasters experience, your district must serve you unconditionally and support you without reserve.These are the top five issues I will work on for you.

1. Transition out the COVID pandemic. Experienced leadership at top District levels is critical as we navigate the effects of this public health crisis. As we transition to a rich and challenging mix of in-person, online and hybrid meetings, I have the knowledge and experience to factor members’ changing needs and smart use of technology that are key to ensuring we succeed.

2. Leadership at the District Level. As District 4 Director I will set the tone for a team that works together, just like at your club. Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

3. Innovative Mentorship. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Members pursuing district leadership opportunities bring a complex array of workplace and personal demands that call for empathy and guidance. I personally will mentor, develop, and empower our leaders to navigate the new environment of near-constant change, helping you grow beyond what you thought possible.

4. Membership. We need new clubs and new members. We’ll grow and retain membership by creating fun and enriching opportunities while communicating value. Our district will be a new member magnet!

5. Pathways Adoption – new and existing members. Pathways is the education program through which you build your presentation and leadership skills. The district has improved its Pathways adoption rate and we can do better: we need to encourage more members to participate by showing Pathways’ unquestionable value.


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