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Communications and Leadership

I have been a Toastmasters District Leader for six years out of my nine-year membership.  This was an incredibly valuable learning experience, culminating in my being elected as the District Director in 2021-2022.

While it was valuable, not without tremendous struggle, conflict, and growth, I own my part.  Many wonderful people contributed to my development, including past District leaders, people who were critical of me, and even people who started out as friends and became detractors based on my decisions to improve the organization.


Leading our Toastmasters District, comprised of the most diverse group of people I have ever known, combined with the administration, training other leaders, and a myriad of events, contests, dealing with difficult people, and World Headquarters requirements, plus completing. a Landmark Worldwide Leadership Program, and working full-time was a very heavy load.  I learned that this experience can forge you as a leader similar to that of a diamond (pressure and heat).



District 4

Immediate Past District Director (2022-2023)

District Director (2021-2022)

Program Quality Director (2020-2021)

Club Growth Director (2019-2020)

Division E Presidents. Distinguished. Director (2018-19)

Area E-5 Distinguished Director (2017-18)

Pathways Guide (2017-18)

Club Growth

Mentor and Coach Chair (2023-2024)

Club Extension Chair ( 2016-17)

Club Mentor & Coach (2017-19)



District Conference Chair (2018-19

Contest Chair all levels (2016-18) 

Logistics Manager (2017-18)


President (2017-18) Pres. Dist. Club

VPE (2016-19) Pres. Dist. Club X 4

Secretary X3, Treasurer

Joined Toastmasters (2015)

6 District 4 Clubs President's Distinguished (2019-20)


2 Legacy DTMs

Completed 46 Pathways Paths


Breakout Member of the Year Award (2017-18)

Club Coach of the Year (2018-19)

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