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Candidate for USSVI National Senior Vice-Commander

I retired from the Navy as a Fire Control Chief Petty Officer in 2000, qualifying on the USS Sea Devil (SSN 664) in 1983, and served on Seawolf, Parche, and Topeka.

I joined USSVI in 2009 at Mare Island Base, serving as Secretary and Base Commander for six years.  I was appointed Chief Technology Officer and Western District Five Commander in 2022, then elected the following year.  I also serve as the Treasurer and Contract Negotiator for the Western Region Roundup.

Outside of USSVI, I served as Toastmasters District 4 Director, President of the California Lost Boat Memorial, and President of my homeowner’s association.

As your Senior National Vice-Commander, I am committed to protecting the organization and managing our resources wisely.  Working with our National Commander, National Treasurer, and Board of Directors, we will chart the future of our organization for the next two years in a prudent yet effective way.

This election period signals the turnover of leadership to the next generation.  As in every generational change, modernization occurs, and technology changes quickly.  I am committed to being part of that change, growing USSVI, and supporting the membership experience for everyone, from WWII to future generations.


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