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Meet Tim Carlisle, DTM Candidate for District 4 Director

I was adopted immediately after birth. As an adult adoptee I still see the world differently from those who grew up with biological parents or relatives. This life-changing experience made me sensitive to others, empathetic almost to a fault, and with regard for trust as a gift to be nurtured and cherished.

After growing up in a small, conservative Mid-Western town, I yearned to see the world and joined the submarine corps. I served for 20 years, rising to Diving Officer, the senior enlisted leadership position at sea. While serving and being underwater in tight quarters with a team of men for months at a time, I learned a four core lessons I believe are crucial for Toastmasters district leadership.

1. Make the right decisions. In the Submarine Service we emphasized making the right decisions – everyone is a backup for everyone else. Equipment breaking, fires, flooding and other potential life-threatening issues were a way of life.

Although Toastmasters district issues are not life-threatening, as District Director I’ll emphasize making the right decisions through listening to the team, taking their feedback, ideas and expertise, so that together we make quality decisions that benefit the District. After all, all of us are smarter than one of us.

2. Attain deep expertise and understanding. Earning your submarine dolphins signifies you have a deep understanding of everything on the submarine: every system, valve, power supply, switch and control. You’re trusted not only to be able to save the ship if something goes wrong, but also to have everyone’s back in this difficult scenario. It’s why we train extensively for every conceivable situation, because it’s better to sweat in practice than to be injured or die in a real-world situation.

Earning your Toastmasters DTM signifies you’ve completed a significant amount of learning about all things Toastmasters and can safely lead and mentor teams of leaders, run successful events, as well as be a prolific communicator. When something needs expertise, such as accessing Pathways, our DTMs often become the go-to people to help resolve the issue.

3. Learn from feedback. In the Submarine Service we were often asked to do things no one had ever done before. We looked at the desired outcome, brainstormed, came up with 2-3 solid ideas, tested them to find the best one, then executed the best idea. We innovated, iterated and executed.

The District 4 Director must listen to everyone. While serving as a District-wide leader in the Program Quality and Club Growth Director roles for the past two years, I heard from members from all over the District. I took their feedback, innovated, iterated and implemented, on occasion from people I didn’t always agree with. Making important changes crucial to our success always prevailed.

4. Have a strategy for growth. Now out of the submarine corps and working as a cybersecurity professional, my team and I have many discussions on possible strategies to protect the organization, its data, and intellectual property.

District 4 has a powerful educational program and strategy that have proven successful. Our main concern is strategy for club growth. As District 4 Director I will focus on keeping what we’ve attained, and move well beyond that. Businesses will soon reopen, and leads who want to start their clubs will come fast and furious. Guiding and helping the Club Growth and Program Quality Directors through this brave new post-pandemic world will be paramount, and I’m well-positioned to take it all on.


· Record Breaking Club Officer Training: under my leadership as Program Quality Director, this past year over 73% of club officers were trained compared to 56% last year and 50% the previous year

· Created 26 innovative Pathways instructional videos that garnered over 6500 views in 10 months, proving their value to members globally in helping them navigate the Pathways platform

· Created 26 how-to videos for training District and International Leaders

· District 4 is on track to shatter all Pathways awards records

· Led development and formatting of the first-ever virtual district Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), with all sessions posted on YouTube.

Positions Held and Awards

· District 4 Program Quality Director (2020-21) (Elected)

· District 4 Club Growth Director, (2019-20) (Elected)

· District 4 Club Extension Chair (appointed)

· Division E Director, President’s Distinguished Award (2018-19) (Elected)

· Area E5 Director, Distinguished Award (2017-18) (Appointed)

· Pathways Guide (2017-18) (Appointed)

· District Conference Chair (2018-19) (Appointed)

· District Conference Chair (2018-19) (Appointed)

· Speech Contest Chair —Area, Division, District (2016-18)

· Member of six District 4 Clubs that won President’s Distinguished Awards (2019-20)

· President Plane Talk, Pres. Distinguished Award

· VPE five clubs Each Pres. Distinguished (2016-20)

· District 4 “Club Coach of the Year” (2018-19)

· District 4 “Breakout Member of the Year” (2017-18)

· Completed 27 Paths

· 2 Legacy DTMs

· Joined Toastmasters (2015)

Support my candidacy for District 4 Director.

Your vote for me is a vote for YOU!


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