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Tim Carlisle For Program Quality Director

As your Program Quality Director, I’m deeply committed to grow the educational programs in our District.

Under my leadership, we will —

  • Build a robust Pathways team for member success

  • Extend outreach to improve the Pathways experience

  • Continue superior Club Officer Training and District events

  • Using technology to achieve training excellence

Three highlights from my Toastmasters leadership

  • Leveraged Pathways to revive struggling clubs

  • Helped District clubs go from good to great

  • Found and developed members for District leadership

If elected, I will work hard to elevate our District standing in the Global Toastmasters community, evidence that you, a District 4 member, have exceeded your goals.

Please support my candidacy for Program Quality Director. I ask for your vote! *See over for Toastmasters Leadership Experience

Toastmasters Leadership Experience

Because Toastmasters has given so much, I’m passionate about giving back. Here are some of the leadership roles I’ve taken on:


  • Joined Toastmasters (2015)

  • President Plane Talk (2017-18), President’s Distinguished Award

  • VPE four clubs (2016-19) Each President’s Distinguished Award

  • Member six District 4 Clubs President’s Distinguished Award (2019-20)

District 4

  • Division E Director, President’s Distinguished Award (2018-19)

  • Area E-5 Director, Distinguished Area Award (2017-18)

  • Pathways Guide (2017-18)


  • Speech Contest Chair —Area, Division, and District (2016-18)

Club Growth

  • Club Growth Director(2019-20)

  • Club Extension Chair Club Mentor and Club Coach (2016-19)


  • 2 Legacy DTMs

  • Completed 17 Pathways Paths


  • District “Breakout Member of the Year” Award (2017-18)

  • District “Club Coach of the Year” (2018-19)

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