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Running For Office is Never Boring!

Sometimes when running for a position - truth is stranger than fiction. When I ran a contested race for Club President, I heeded my friend's advice. She told me "Tim explain your vision for the organization and let the voters decide. I did so, then reached out to 38 of the 40 members and asked for their vote (okay I didn't ask my competitor and one person was on vacation). I didn't win by a landslide, but I still won!

I have gotten lots of advice - some requested, some provided. In effect - it is what it is

Many times my experience has been whether running for office or in the office - the answers to be successful are exactly the same:

1. Be present and engaged.

2. Really care deeply about the success of the organization.

3. Have a work ethic second to none.

I believe in these tenets - they have served me well. Once the election is over, should I succeed - it is time to kick it into high gear! I am not waiting around for anything. The first 30-60-90 days set the tone for the year and I want to start on a high note!

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