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Oxford Executive Leadership Programme Week 8: Reflect on your purpose as a leader.

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme explores leadership skills for the complex and dynamic modern workplace. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organization, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.

Module 8: Reflect on your purpose as a leader. Establish alignment between your personal purpose and the purpose of the organization.

My Takeaway: Authenticity in leadership is understanding yourself, plus the impact you have on others around you. Adaptability conflicts with authenticity, but if you are true to yourself, consistency over time will win the day.

My Reflection: I have a good understanding of myself, and work everyday to try and understand my impact on others I lead.

My Observation: Positive intent is wonderful, when backed up by authenticity. Using positive intent to wreak havoc on others, is simply wrong on every level.

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