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Oxford Executive Leadership Programme Week 7: Mastering complexity and plurality.

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme explores leadership skills for the complex and dynamic modern workplace. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organization, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.

Module 7: Mastering complexity and plurality. Explore strategies to manage the complexities inherent in leadership.

My Takeaway: Achieving multiple goals which may conflict - such as financial goals and social goals - requires adjustments of focus in both areas.

My Reflection: While making money is important, what you do with some of that money to give back to things important to the community is equally important.

My Observation: To keep on top of complexity and plurality, I do the following four items:

1. Reading – I read as much as possible, especially looking for thought leaders in my industry. Understanding their worldview, futuristic predictions and mindset, is tremendously helpful.

2. Education – I send my team and myself to as much education as I can manage. This class will certainly have a game-changing impact on my curiosity, asking questions and reflection.

3. Events – I make time to attend 4-5 events per year to network and understand how other companies, industries and verticals are using technology to better serve their organizations.

4. Self-Improvement – I attend 1-2 programs each year on my own self-improvement, which helps me to become a better leader, person, husband and father.

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