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Oxford Executive Leadership Programme: Week 3: The job of the leader: Choosing and connecting

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme explores leadership skills for the complex and dynamic modern workplace. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organization, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.

Module 3: The job of the leader: Choosing and connecting. Learn about decision-making and connection as two core activities of leaders.


My Takeaway: Biases, upbringing and life experience all play a part in the decision-making process.

My Reflection: Learning about bias (Implicit Project), and close examination of upbringing and life experience, can allow you to make better decisions in everything in all aspects of life.

My Observation: When you understand something based on these things, you can either destroy, modify or rebuild your perspectives for better decision-making.

Building connections and relationships with people.

My Takeaway: Building connections and relationships are key to a leader's success in any arena.

My Reflection: Understanding and management of your emotions are critical the further you progress in any organization.

My Observation: This is an area I am constantly building on. I recently completed a CQ assessment and online class to better improve my cultural intelligence.

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