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Oxford Executive Leadership Programme Week 1 Effective leadership: leading for high performance

The Oxford Executive Leadership Programme explores leadership skills for the complex and dynamic modern workplace. Over eight weeks, you’ll learn techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organization, through effective leadership strategies and insight into the process of effective decision-making.

Week 1: Effective leadership: leading for high performance. Reflect on the relationship between effective leadership and performance in organizations.

My Takeaway: An organization’s effectiveness and performance measurements can either make or break a leader, based on if they are fairly and evenly applied to everyone, no matter their strengths or weaknesses.

My Reflection: My strengths as a leader include a clear vision and I have a deep understanding of breaking that vision down into manageable parts for others to manage. My weaknesses include dealing with relationships where there is no integrity, and my passion which may cause me to cross boundaries.

My Observation: My classmates are profoundly wise in many ways - I am humbled and honored to be among them - CEOs, senior executives, directors and leaders from quite a spectrum of verticals. While I certainly will add to the conversation, I am learning quite different perspectives.

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